waterjet cutting - Essex Laser, Essex & LondonEssex Laser are very proud to introduce our new 4 x 2m dynamic head Waterjet cutting machine. The first in the country, with a high-pressure direct-drive pump. At 4100 bar (60,000 psi), this Waterjet cutter will cut through virtually any material and the direct drive means we can provide our clients with fast waterjet cutting at low cost.

Other features include dynamic waterjet cutting, which constantly changes the angle of the head to give the fastest cut around corners whilst keeping the cut edge square. The accuracy of the cut depends on the thickness of the material, but our general tolerance is +/- 0.2mm for premium quality.

Waterjet cutting has advantages over other cutting processes:

  • Waterjet vs. Laser cutting - Waterjet cutting can cut virtually any material, it can cut much thicker materials than laser cutting, up to 150mm thick, plus there is no Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).
  • Waterjet vs. Plasma/Gas cutting - The accuracy of Waterjet cutting is much better as is the quality of the cut, plus waterjet cutting has no Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) and can cut a wider variety of material.
  • Waterjet cutting vs. Machining – The speed of cutting is much faster and therefore cheaper, however it is not as accurate as machining. We can “rough out” parts on the Waterjet, which go on for high accuracy CNC machining later, this way the part is nearly complete only a small amount of additional machining is required which helps reduce the cost of each part dramatically.
waterjet cutting, Essex Laser, London