Do you have an urgent laser cutting job and you need a quote straight away? How about trying our NEW ONLINE LASER CUTTING QUOTING SERVICE where you create your laser cutting quote and get the price instantly. We made this service available to enable you to obtain your own laser cutting quotes, much like booking a flight, or buying goods on the internet. If you are interested in online laser cutting quotes but you don't have a login account, please click the register here link below or contact us directly.

Free CAD drafting software for PC can be obtained here. Please note that this is free 3rd party software and as such Essex Laser makes no guarantees regarding its installation or use.

Tips on how to minimise possible errors.

  • Provide DWG or DXF files from AutoCAD version 2.5 to 2012
  • The simplest solution is to provide drawings that contain only the geometry of the part itself. That is, no title blocks, no side views, machining instructions etc. If this is not possible, then you can apply a filter when loading the drawing to look at entities of a particular layer or colour.
  • Ensure that there is only ONE part on each drawing.
  • Please do not nest one part inside another.
  • Try to ensure that the paths (for example, the outside contour) is continuous. This means that the end points of individual entities (eg. lines, arcs etc.) meet, there are no gaps.

NB. This service is an automated service and as such has a few restrictions. It relies on you being able to supply a CAD file that represents the part geometry that you wish to laser cut. The service attempts to interpret your drawing in order to produce the quote.

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