A commission to laser cut Corten for Essex Laser

14th June 2022

A commission to laser cut Corten for Essex Laser

Essex Laser was recently asked to create a laser cut sign for the exterior of a client’s property. We are often asked to create individual laser cut items for artistic projects or for specific requirements like this one and we are happy to undertake such commissions.

Laser cut exterior Corten sign

The sign was made from Corten a type of steel with interesting qualities that make it ideal for outdoor use. Corten is often referred to as weathering steel, or by its genericised trademark COR-TEN steel and sometimes written without the hyphen as Corten steel. In short, it’s a group of steel alloys, developed to eliminate the need for painting that forms a stable rust-like appearance after several years' exposure to weather, which looks attractive.

This particular laser cutting commission was to laser cut a plaque made from Corten for the outside of a client’s property. They wanted a material that would rust evenly giving a uniform look but would still be weatherproof and not need maintenance and look great for a long time.

The Angel of the North is also made of Corten

The huge statue known as “the Angel of the North” is also made of Corten, hence it’s weathered look.

Essex Laser provide laser cutting, waterjet cutting and sheet metal folding services

Essex laser offers a range of laser cutting services for individual items like these but also for bulk quantities and we also offer waterjet cutting and press brake and metal folding services at our Essex workshop.

You can get an online quote at https://www.essexlaser.co.uk/online-quote.html   Or alternatively call sales on 01708 689658 to discuss your laser cutting, waterjet cutting or sheet metal folding requirements.??


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