Another unique laser cutting job for Essex Laser

12th April 2017

Another unique laser cutting job for Essex Laser

Recently, Essex Laser was approached by a client who was modifying an ex-military bridge. The bridge had originally been made in two parts and was designed to be mobile, but it needed to be extended so they were adding another component part in order to make it longer.

Essex Laser was commissioned to make the new teeth to mesh with the old that would bring the parts of the bridge together. It was a complicated job involving some elements of trial and error as clearly it wasn’t possible to bring the bridge into the workshop to measure things up and to get it right.

We had to make small sample teeth, which the customer took to the bridge and photographed and this then meant we could modify the design to match the bridge. The photo here is a screen shot of the actual part and the nest.

The teeth were cut by Water jet in our Essex workshop and were quite thick, but in the end it all matched up and the bridge is complete and in use now.

Mark Millar at Essex Laser said “It’s just another example of the adaptable nature of our business. A bridge is another first for us, but you never know where Laser and Waterjet cutting might be needed”.

If you have a job that you think Essex Laser could help with, whether it’s Laser cutting, Waterjet cutting or sheet metal bending, please feel free to call and discuss it with one of Essex Laser’s sales staff on 01708 689658.

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