Essex Laser uses the latest laser cutting technology

4th April 2013

Essex Laser uses the latest laser cutting technology

Essex Laser employs the latest technology for their laser cutting process including the 3D CAD system known as Solid Works, which allows customers to send 3D sheet metal parts as a digital file. The file is then unfolded and used to laser cut the parts.

Specialist Laser cutting software links the 2D Lantek system to 3D Solid works and using these means it is possible to convert a 3D folded item into a flat 2D DXF file quickly. This is an automated process that has a built in sheet metal module with automatic unfolding, built in default bend allowances for the unfolding, and a software link from 3D Solid Works into 2D CAD (Lantek).

Solid Works is one of the most powerful 3D CAD packages available and is capable of handling very complex 3D assemblies and a huge number of different file types. STEP (or STP) and SLD PRT files are two of the most common but it can handle most 3D files. For 2D either a DXF or DWG file is required.

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