Art, Laser Cutting and Sheet Metal Folding

7th February 2013

Art, Laser Cutting and Sheet Metal Folding

It’s not uncommon for artists to use Essex Laser’s laser cutting skills and a recent example was when London born sculptor Eloise Hawser commissioned the firm to make the roller door shuttering for one of her sculptures (shown in the photograph).

Eloise’s work has been exhibited in New Sculpture at the Karsten Schubert Gallery in London and other galleries in London and Italy.Eloise was inspired by the artistic pattern on the edge profile on an everyday roller shutter slat especially when the shutter was bent in different direction. She commissioned Essex Laser to make the necessary part from a 3D SolidWorks CAD model, which they converted into sheet metal parts. The laser cutting for this had to precisely fit the complex pattern in order to highlight the interesting parts of the piece.

Eloise said “Essex laser made the internal panels for my sculpture of a detached roller door. The panels were cut on one of the larger machines and then spot welded from the inside of the sculpture. The edges of the roller door shuttering made wave-like incisions along the edge of my sculpture. I was very pleased with the technical advice on laser cutting and metal folding that Mark Millar at Essex laser provided.” 

For further information on laser cutting and sheet metal folding please contact Mark Millar on 01708 689658 or email


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