Laser cut planes for Tim Knowles’ ‘Windlab’ in Australia

6th December 2012

Laser cut planes for Tim Knowles’ ‘Windlab’ in Australia

Essex laser has recently worked with British installation artist Tim Knowles helping to created Windgrid a new City of Sydney Commission. The Windgrid was one part of a larger project including a major solo exhibition of Tim's work, talks, panel discussions and a large public performance involving 100 participants to take place in March 2013.

Essex Laser’ created the 100 plane forms for Windgrid which act as windvanes individually pivoting in the wind. Tim worked closely with Essex laser developing a range of prototypes through to the final design; comprised of 2 laser cut and folded parts that slot together creating the plane.

Tim was delighted with the work and commented “The project went really well in Sydney the planes were perfect and rotated beautifully in the wind – Essex Laser were great to work with, turned the job around quickly and did a lovely laser cutting and folding job.”

“Prior to installation we tested one of the planes in a wind tunnel in Sydney – they attempted to destroy the plane taking the wind speeds up to a level that it is not considered safe for an able bodied adult to be in, the plane was shaking and flexing incredibly but survived the battering completely intact. This was a great indication of the high quality of design achieved through the prototyping process and the precision of the laser cutting and folding.”

Mark Millar at Essex Laser went on to say “We had to work closely with Tim to interpret his ideas into something we could manufacture at a low cost to give the effect he wanted. I think we succeeded! He certainly seemed happy about it.

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